Locako Collagen Creamer Focus (Decadent Chocolate) 300g


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Locako Coffee Creamer is a delicious low carb, dairy free, Paleo, gluten free hot drink, coffee and smoothie creamer enriched with Coconut milk, MCT’s and Grass fed Collagen.

  • 6g MCTs per serve (MCT’s from coconut milk powder and MCT’s)
  • 4g Collagen per serve
  • Good source of healthy fats
  • Good Source of gut health protein
  • Perfect for the keto and low carb diets
  • Great for fasting to have with a coffee to keep you full
  • Yummy taste
  • Great alternative to the bulletproof coffee
  • Dairy free milky coffee alternative

Coconut Milk Powder, Grass Fed Collagen, Raw Cacao Powder, MCT Oil Powder, Monk Fruit Juice Powder, Natural Flavour, Sunflower Lecithin.