Introducing Peri Power Bites: Extend Your Fast, Ignite Fat Burn, and Supercharge Energy Levels

Are you ready to take your fasting and fat-burning journey to the next level? Look no further than our Peri Power Bites, specially crafted to extend your fast and keep you in a state of fat burn rather than fat storage. These delicious energy-packed protein balls are not just any snack, but a scientifically formulated solution backed by research from leading experts in fasting, gut health, and intermittent fasting.

Peri Power Bites Protein Balls

Research-Backed Power

When it comes to fasting and its benefits, Valter Longo, a renowned authority on fasting and longevity, provides invaluable insights. Extensive research suggests that the right combination of macronutrients can extend the benefits of fasting (Longo, V. et al., 2017). That’s exactly what our Peri Power Bites aim to achieve. Carefully formulated protein balls with an ideal blend of healthy fats, quality protein, and low glycemic fibers, these bites help keep your body in a fasting state. By promoting the utilisation of stored fat for energy while minimizing insulin spikes, Peri Power Bites enable an effective fat burn.

But it’s not just about fasting; gut health plays a vital role in overall metabolic function. Alessio Fasano, a renowned researcher in gut health, has shed light on the importance of a healthy gut. Our Peri Power Bites incorporate gut-friendly ingredients inspired by Fasano’s insights. By prioritising gut health, we ensure optimal nutrient absorption and enhance metabolic functionโ€”key factors in sustaining energy levels and promoting fat burn (Fasano, A., 2012).

When it comes to intermittent fasting, Jason Fung, a leading expert, emphasises the significance of stable energy levels. Our Peri Power Bites are protein balls that are carefully designed to provide sustained energy throughout the day. Drawing from Fung’s principles, these bites contain carefully selected ingredients, such as healthy fats and low-carb fibers, to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. By maintaining stable energy levels, our bites can help you avoid the midday energy slumps that are commonly experienced during peri/menopause (Fung, J., 2016).

Powerful Benefits in Every Bite

By incorporating these research-backed insights from Longo, Fasano, and Fung, our Peri Power Bites aim to support your fasting goals, extend your fat-burning window, and optimise energy levels. With each delicious bite, you’ll feel energised and empowered, ready to conquer the challenges of peri/menopause and embrace the vitality you deserve.

These bites are more than just a snack; they are your partner in achieving your health and wellness goals. Experience the power of our Peri Power Bites and unlock the potential within you. Extend your fast, ignite fat burn, and supercharge your energy levels on your journey to a healthier and more vibrant you.

The peri power bites work super well alongside the Power Cuppas, my special formulated power drinks that trigger your body to use ketones for fuel!


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