Brain Fog During Peri/menopause

When discussion turns to symptoms of perimenopause, you’ll commonly hear talk of hot flushes and irregular periods. 

But few make the connection between perimenopause and brain fog. 

So if you’re also noticing signs like bouts of confusion, an inability to focus, forgetfulness or just a general lack of mental clarity – read on. 

Because this isn’t just a side effect of “ageing.” 

And there’s a lot we can do to support you. Starting with your gut health. 

The gut-brain connection… and you

The gut/brain connection is critically important to a sound mind – and this is especially pertinent to women experiencing perimenopause.

Your gut contains 100 trillion bugs that influence your well-being in various ways.

DNA belonging to these microbes (your microbiome) is involved in most, if not all, biological processes. Including your memory.

When the microbiome of a healthy person is compared with that of a person with memory impairment, there are clear differences in their gut bacteria. 

When you age, the composition of the gut microbiota changes so that there is less diversity and fewer good bacteria.

And if the good gut bacteria aren’t operating at their best, it can cause damage to the gut lining and intestinal walls. Otherwise known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Ok. But how does this impact my memory? 

When your gut wall is leaky, your blood-brain barrier may become leaky. 

Because on a molecular level, poor gut bacteria can cause the tight junctions between the cells in the intestinal tract to loosen. 

And then metabolites get into the bloodstream and cause strain on the system.  They cause inflammation.

This inflammation can be found in all parts of the body as well as the brain, and therefore memory can suffer.

So what can I do to support myself? 

The key is to start with the right anti-inflammatory diet. And The Holland Clinic has designed just that.  

This diet will help you manage your hot flushes, control any weight gain, and support your cognition and mood all by supporting your gut health. Get started with the Nourish and Flourish 5-day Meal Plan by clicking below.

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