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We have made our most popular, individualised services available to be booked online here.

Our highly individualised care is available as in-clinic or telehealth appointments.

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I am new to The Holland ClinicI have a DUTCH test or blood or other functional test that I want to consult Dr Holland withI have a patient record at The Holland Clinic, but haven’t seen Dr Holland in over 12 monthsI am looking for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbs
Initial ConsultationNew Patient – Initial ConsultationReignite ConsultationAcupuncture & Health Check
Current Patient – Functional Test Review
Returning Patient – Reignite Consultation
In-Clinic Or TelehealthIn-Clinic or TelehealthIn-Clinic Or TelehealthInitial Acupuncture or Return Acupuncture with one of our senior Acupuncturists

Health coaching that takes you by the hand and guides you through your health journey, independent of clinic hours, is available through our online academy.