Become your most vibrant, vital self during perimenopause

Supporting women aged 35 to 55 to live with vitality through perimenopause.

At The Holland Clinic we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality support, education and care. 

By combining cutting-edge scientific functional testing with age-old traditional Chinese medicine and diagnostic techniques, we’ll work together to find your unique solution.  

The goal is to empower you, so you can take control of your health and remain vital and vibrant. Today – and every day.

What are your symptoms?

For many women between the ages of 35 and 55, there’s an array of physical, emotional and mental changes that seemingly creep up on us. 

And to make things worse, perimenopausal symptoms are often overlooked or passed off as something else. 

Or seen as something we just have to get used to and live with. 

But that’s simply not true. 

It is possible for women to remove these uncomfortable symptoms from their lives.  And create a far more graceful experience during perimenopause.

Dr Kirstey Holland

I’m passionate about supporting women experiencing perimenopause to feel as confidently as they did in their 30’s. 

Why? Because every woman deserves to feel valued, peaceful and comfortable in their own skin. At every life stage. 

Perimenopause can be a challenging time. So many body, mood and energy shifts – and honestly, a lot of terrible and confusing advice. 

Advice that leads so many women to “try everything” Western Medicine has to offer, but feeling like nothing seems to actually help. 

Like they’ve lost who they were. 

Like they will never again feel as vibrant and alive as they once did. 

Which is why I bring a ‘new’ approach – grounded in ancient wisdom. An approach that can be personalised for every woman. Because we are all unique in our own special way. 

An approach that gets real results. That allows us to once again feel alive, vital and vibrant.  

An approach that allows us to navigate this time in our lives with ease, grace and vitality.

Because we all deserve to live that life.

Reach out to find out more about this new way.

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